The Princess and her Guardians [x]

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Lena Headey by Sam Evans-Butler 

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Every one of us is born special and unique and somewhere along the way someone tries to get us to be the same and I just wanna say, however you are, however you were born: you’re perfect. Alright?
— Win Butler of Arcade Fire just before playing We Exist at Glastonbury (via theonetheycalljack)
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Arcade Fire - Pinkpop 2014 Full Set (by Christiaan Widdershoven)

Arcade Fire tried to play through a wicked storm, and it’s incredible.


This picture is unreal!


This picture is unreal!

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The next day, Butler is downstairs at the band’s hotel, pushing his infant son around in a stroller. The boy – whose name Butler and his wife, Régine Chassagne, would rather not make public – is only six months old, but he already weighs as much as a baby twice his age. “We’re hoping he’ll be a point guard,” the basketball-loving Butler says. “Here, let me show you my favorite gag. I call it the iBaby.”

He plucks his son out of the stroller and starts pushing on his belly like it’s a keypad. “Beep boop boop beep boop,” he says. He holds the baby up to his ear. “Yes, I’d like to order a large pizza, please. OK, I can wait. I’ll just check my e-mail real quick.”

Butler takes the baby away from his ear and starts scrolling down his belly – swiping e-mails and deleting them. The baby laughs. “He loves it!” Butler says.

Rolling Stone Magazine, Jan 16 2014

If anyone has this magazine, I offer a handsome reward of my eternal love for showing this article to me

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Aww so cute



Here is the August 2014 Glamour UK cover story of recording Ellie Goulding

photographed by Micaela Rossato and retouched by Mr.Louison. Enjoy!

- Mr. Louison

Beautiful :)

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Anonymous said: I'm warning you, you will probably get 10,000 messages from me once this weekend is over. Suzanne is my favorite character but I was highly disappointed with her back story episode. 1st with many of the back stories this season we still don't know how she ended up in prison. I doubt the freak out at graduation is the cause. And can we talk about her mom, Are we really to believe that the blonde woman aged so much in 14 years to to be the woman who visited last year white hair and pushing 70?


I actually enjoyed Suzanne’s back story. It was interesting to see that this has been going on ever since she was a child, and I think it helped solidify why she held on to Vee so much. That being said, I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t get to see how many of the inmates ended up at Litchfield (especially Suzanne). 

Suzanne’s mother seemed to have aged in a rather peculiar way. Maybe Suzanne is a lot older than we think.